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Category: Cat d6 transmission oil

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If you search for vocational trucks elsewhere you will not get any results. The D6 is legendary versatility you trust, with added performance and efficiency to help you take your business to the next level.

cat d6 transmission oil

Designed specifically to reduce your service and maintenance costs with updated components, longer service intervals and fewer scheduled maintenance tasks. Fully automatic 4-speed transmission continuously adjusts for maximum efficiency and power to the ground without added operator input.

Full auto shift up and down entire working range to maximize fuel efficiency.

how to pull down D8K final drive !

Fully redesigned with updated configurations so you can build just the right machine the work you do. Purpose-built VPAT tractor features a new frame and optimized balance for grading - no need for rear attachment. Class-leading VPAT range of motion for improved performance, especially when trenching or backfilling. VPAT blade remains level when angled for smoother grade.

More robust push arm dozer for heavy applications with larger SU blade capacity. New roller undercarriage option designed for smoother grades at higher speeds, even in difficult surfaces like sand and gravel. New Cat C9. Redesigned fuel system provides greater reliability and more accurate fuel delivery. Purpose-built Waste and Forestry arrangements. Finish jobs in fewer passes, and with less operator effort, saving you time and helping to increase your profit.

Factory-integrated system eliminates position sensing cylinders. Antennas integrated into the cab roof for better protection.Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.

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cat d6 transmission oil

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cat d6 transmission oil

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cat d6 transmission oil

Contact Us about this item. Purchase of this product requires an additional deposit that is refundable when you return the old core to the selling Caterpillar dealer. The core deposit is refunded upon return of an acceptable core used part to your dealer.

Dozer Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil

In order to qualify for a core deposit refund, the core must meet acceptance criteria. Core acceptance criteria may vary by product - please contact your dealer for full details. This item has been successfully added to your list. Find Local Store. Customer Service:. Services Offered:. Store Hours:. Account :.

Change account or store location Change store location. Go to Cart. Search All. Suggested keywords menu. Clear all filters. Apply Changes.Caterpillar's D6 is a heavy tractor and bulldozer. The company produced the machine from until The D6, like other Caterpillar machinery, was intended for industrial and commercial use. The D6's long manufacture time line shows the efficiency and performance of the machine.

Caterpillar built the D6 in its Peoria, Illinois factory. The Caterpillar D6 uses a six-cylinder engine. The required fuel is diesel. The piston displacement measures cubic inches, and the engine has a rated rpm of 1, Earlier models had an engine drawbar rating of 63 horsepower and a belt rating of 78 horsepower; the total drawbar pull originally was 16, lbs.

Bythe drawbar power had been increased to 73 horsepower and the belt to 93 horsepower; the drawbar pull also increased to 17, Caterpillar's D6 has a length of inches, a width of 96 inches and a height of inches.

The gross weight of the machine measures 33, lbs. The company equipped the D6 with front and rear tracks that measure either 60 or 74 inches. The fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 65 gallons. The transmission of the D6 features three forward gears and a single reverse gear. The D6 can be fitted with a variety of front blades, as well as a diversity of different rear equipment.

Earlier D6 models did not feature a full cab that enclosed the operator during operation; however, later models sport a roof and some have a glass enclosure. The Caterpillar D6 can be used for a wide range of applications. The most common use is pushing and clearing earth.

The D6 can also be used in some agricultural applications. The company equipped the D6 with its No. The D6 uses a specialized swing arm that attaches to the tool bar; however, if the tool bar is not being used, the swing arm can be adjusted to the front and equipped with a blade. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Transmission and Features The transmission of the D6 features three forward gears and a single reverse gear. Applications The Caterpillar D6 can be used for a wide range of applications. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Crawlers, Dozers, Loaders and Backhoes.

Shop Now. View Cart. Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere. Massey Ferguson. Cat D6C - Transmission problem.

View previous topic :: View next topic. Bertus Coetzee Guest Report to Moderator. My Cat D6C Bulldozer gets weaker when the transmission oil gets hot, and eventually stop moving forward or backwards.

On inspection I found that the transmission oil has a grey, watery colour with some black stripes in it. Should I replace the transmission oil? What type of oil should I use for replacement? Are there any other suggestions on how to fix this problem? Back to top. Bob Plumadore Guest Report to Moderator. What is your SN? The brakes are very sensitive to water.

Your should have an oil to air transmissioon cooler. Check your radiator for oil on it to make sure you don't have a bad oil cooler if you happen to have an oil to water cooler. Then after you get that straightened out do a complete pressure test. Sounds like you may have a leak in the pump supply, orings on small tube feeding trans valve at rear RH corner of trans under the cover plate is first place to look.

Later Bob. All times are GMT - 8 Hours.Caterpillar is a major manufacturer of farm and building equipment, mining equipment, engines and a variety of other machines. Because there are many different types of Caterpillar vehicles, there are also many different types of transmissions in its product line.

For specifics on your Caterpillar transmission, you should consult your Operations and Maintenance manual or a trained professional, but some general tips can help you to better understand how to troubleshoot most Caterpillar systems. Remember, too, that the best way to avoid a need for troubleshooting is to keep your machine maintained as described in your manual.

Get an S. This is a test done on the transmission oil by experts at your Caterpillar dealership. It is useful not only when you have a problem with your machine, but also as a regular check up intended to catch issues early before they become major problems. This analysis can reveal many things about the transmission, such as the rate of wear on all components, if the oil is contaminated by dirt or liquids leaking into it, and if the correct oil is being used.

Use the right oil. This oil is formulated to keep transmission slippage to a minimum and improve the performance and lifespan of drive train components, along with providing other benefits as well. Check your breathers regularly. If you're having a problem with your clutch engaging too quickly and then sliding, it may be because the breathers are clogged. When this occurs, foreign contaminants such as dirt can enter the cab more easily.

These contaminants can then damage the electronics that control your clutch. To check your breathers, follow the instructions for locating them in your manual and look for signs of build-up, oil or other clogs. Check your filters. Transmission filters are used in your Caterpillar to keep it clean and contaminant-free.

These are important because contamination from the outside in the form of dirt, metal, grease, or other particles can lead to multiple transmission problems such as shifting issues, leaks, and unnecessary wear on the clutch, bearing, or gears. Follow the instructions in the user manual to identify where your filters are and then look for signs of buildup.

Construction Machinery. Tracked Tractor Caterpillar D6H LGP

You can reduce contamination by keeping the space around your Caterpillar clean, but can never eliminate it.Discussion in ' Dozers ' started by DeeyNov 25, Log in or Sign up. Heavy Equipment Forums. Thank you for visiting HeavyEquipmentForums. Our objective is to provide industry professionals a place to gather to exchange questions, answers and ideas. We welcome you to register using the "Register" icon at the top of the page.

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Thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoy your stay!! Welcome to HeavyEquipmentForums. I'm in south Mississippi so the machine does not operate in a cold climate.

I have a half of drum of Shell Donax TC 50, and also a few buckets of tractor hydraulic fluid but don't know if either of these are compatible. If anyone could let me know what Cat specs for this dozer it would be appreciated. DeeyNov 25, Joined: Jun 22, Messages: 14, Location: G. Tractor Hydraulic Fluid certainly won't work. The power train oil system contains 38 gallons of oil. I would say that if you need to add 5 gallons or less then the Donax TC50 will work fine for you because the increase in viscosity resulting from adding a drop of SAE50 to an SAE30 oil will be mimimal.

NigeNov 25, Thanks Nige that's what I needed to know, this info will keep me from having to make the long drive to the Cat dealer.

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